As the Brazilian appears poised to sign, George Caulkin uncovers the truth regarding Bruno Guimaraes’ troubles

Speaking on the latest episode of Pod on the Tyne, The Athletic’s George Caulkin has revealed that a new contract for Bruno Guimaraes is ‘pretty much done’ after weeks of negotiations. He reveals that the midfielder ‘wanted a bit more’ than the salary on offer in our initial contract proposal, which explains the delay. However, this has been resolves, with Caulkin claiming that ‘they’re very close’ to announcing an extension.Here’s what he had to say when asked for the latest on Bruno’s contract:“It’s not a rumour, it’s true. I think that is pretty much done now. That’s good news.“There’s been to-and-fro on how much he gets paid. I think he wanted a bit more when the first offer came to him. That’s all been done. They’re very close now and that’s good news.”Hopefully this is announced soon and allows Bruno to fully focus on matters on the pitch, with some fans feeling he’s been a few levels below his best for a few months now.

After some impressive outings for Brazil over the break and a lovely assist in a 5-1 win over Bolivia, let’s hope he comes back firing on all cylinders for Saturday’s clash with Brentford at St James’ Park.

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