Big blow as Leeds United star Man now ruled out for several weeks due to injury

Leeds United midfielder Stuart Dallas increases involvement behind the scenes as injury update emerges.
Leeds United midfielder Stuart Dallas is still out for several weeks but is showing signs of progress, according to Graham Smyth.

The Yorkshire Evening Post journalist told the Inside Elland Road podcast on Friday (15 September) that his involvement is increasing behind the scenes.

The 32-year-old is out with a rare femur injury and was last seen in action v Manchester City in February 2022.

Smyth said at 4:21, “Stuart Dallas is improving. Still on the long-term injured list. We understand that he is closer to first-team training than previously and that would obviously be massive.

“With such a long time out, you would have to imagine that a player would need several weeks in full-team training rather than just one or two before he can be near playing. Dallas is increasing his involvement and being more around the place.

“Stuart Dallas’ injury was akin to a car crash injury. Footballers don’t tend to fracture their femur because it’s such a strong part of the body.

“It’s never a linear return from an injury that severe. There are always setbacks to be anticipated.”

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Dallas recently addressed his return on Twitter and called out the fake news claiming that he will be retiring.


That’s a good sign that he’s positive about returning to football which means he’s confident about his body getting back in shape.


18 months is certainly a long time out, especially for someone on the other side of 30 as the body takes even more time to recover.



What this highlights is that he’s a fighter and his involvement is increasing behind the scenes so that’s a sign he’s closing in on a return.

It’ll be optimistic to assume that he’ll be back before the end of the year but it’s hard to rule it out as there are advances in medicine these days.


Fans will be happy to have him back and he’ll also be an important figure in the dressing room as well.


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