Corberan stunned by ‘excellent’ West Brom player, he is ready for bigger impact

Carlos Corberan heaps praise on ‘excellent’ Josh Maja after impact for West Brom v Bristol City

Carlos Corberan has heaped praise on summer arrival Josh Maja after the 0-0 draw between West Brom and Bristol City, calling him “excellent” and suggesting he is one of the best forwards in the Championship.


Maja is yet to start a game for the Baggies, having arrived at the club without any pre-season preparations, but the boss has now stated he is more ready to help the team and be decisive in tight games.

The striker could have been awarded a penalty in the late stages of the game after a challenge from Kai Naismith which looked like a handball but impressed his manager with the way he performed prior to the controversy.

Speaking to the Express and Star on 18 September, Corberan claimed: “Maja is an excellent striker. He has proved it here in England in other divisions, and he is someone with a work ethic and mentality that is not normal for his age.

“Maja is one player that links the game and it is difficult to find a striker that is better than him. But like everyone, we always have things that he can improve and things that he can do better.


“Physically, he is more ready now to help the team.”

The boss then commented on the possible penalty, sharing: “This decision, for referees, it’s not easy because you need to decide whether Maja contacted the ball before or whether the defender played it.


“In this situation, there was one cut-back, the ball arrived to Maja, he made a finish and the only way that the defender managed the defend was with the hands, without intention but with the hands.”

Time for Maja to step up


It looks like now will be the time for Maja to step up at The Hawthorns, with a slow start to his Baggies career looking like it may gain a boost in the coming weeks after such heavy praise from his manager after their short time working together.


Brandon Thomas-Asante has been the preferred number nine option so far this season, but having failed to score in either of his last two outings, Maja could now be tipped to take his place in the lineup when they visit Watford on Wednesday.


The high praise from the boss should also provide Maja with a bit more inspiration. If his impressive training performances were not already enough, the added spring in his step from his gaffer’s words may provide him with the extra drive he needs.

On the penalty, Corberan claimed earlier in the season that these things would balance themselves out over time, and repeated these claims here. However, if his team keep falling short of these decisions then his stance may well change soon.

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