Fans sent a five-word message to club as Huddersfield manager Neil Warnock set to depart

  • Warnock and Huddersfield part ways
  • To leave this week
  • No plans to retire

WHAT HAPPENED? Last season, the 74-year-old took over the Terriers, inheriting a team in relegation trouble and headed for League One. Against all odds, Warnock kept the Yorkshire club in the Championship, and new owner Kevin Nagle persuaded the seasoned manager to continue on after his short-term contract expired in the summer. Nonetheless, it was revealed over the weekend that Warnock may be departing Huddersfield after only six games this season. And, on Monday, the club staged a news conference to announce Warnock’s departure – though he will be in the dugout for the final time as Huddersfield manager when they face Stoke on Wednesday. However, Warnock reiterated that he will not be retiring.

WHAT THEY SAID: “I know I’ve probably had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra, but if the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are still going strong into their eighties, I’ve got a few years left in me yet,” Warnock said [via Sky Sports].


Neil Warnock


“I’m not retiring,” Warnock said. “I’ve seen some people say I’m leaving down to my health but I’ve not felt this good in years. If anything this job has made me want to carry on and I’m not going out to pasture just yet.


“I don’t want to do much until after Christmas; I’ll let everyone else struggle and I’m sure there’ll be an opportunity somewhere. I’ll do a bit of fishing and see if I can get on that TV show [Gone Fishing] with Mortimer and Whitehouse, I’d love that. Who knows? I might get offered £5 million to go and coach in Saudi. At my age, you live for today because you just don’t know what’s around the corner.”


Huddersfield stadium


“I knew this wasn’t long-term but I thought I’d be here until Christmas,” Warnock said. “The club wants to go its own way and good luck to them. I’ve done the rounds but there are still about 20 clubs I wish I’d managed. But it wouldn’t bother me going back to where it all started at Gainsborough.



WHAT NEXT FOR WARNOCK? The former Sheffield United and Crystal Palace manager will take a vacation until early next year when he expects to be contacted by a team looking for a “saviour.”


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