Brentford boss Thomas Frank gives honest verdict about Burnley disallowed goal vs Nottingham Forest

‘Brutal’: Brentford boss Thomas Frank slams controversial decision to disallow Burnley goal against Nottingham Forest.
Brentford boss Thomas Frank has branded the decision not to award Lyle Foster’s goal for Burnley against Nottingham Forest as “brutal” and “very harsh”.
The striker was denied what could have been the winning goal during last night’s pulsating 1-1 draw at the City Ground after Sander Berge was harshly adjudged to have handled the ball.

Working alongside Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Frank didn’t hold back when asked for his view on the incident.


“It’s brutal,” he said.

“The Burnley players and Vincent Kompany thought they got the winner and I don’t think it should be a disallowed goal. It’s so, so brutal.

“I can only speak from the heart, it’s so tough. You work so hard, the players work so hard, the staff work so hard to win a game and then these things you can’t control go against you, that’s tough.



“When you look at it frame by frame, he touched the ball and it moves a tiny bit, but I think it’s very harsh.


“What happened to that clear and obvious mistake where they have to interfere? What if that was a defender and he touched the ball? Would that be a penalty? No. It’s just because it’s in a build-up to a goal that it’s different. They have to use common sense.”


When asked if he’s in favour of VAR, Frank added: “It’s there now, so we have to embrace it. I don’t think it will change.

“I think we have to make it better and smoother. That’s how I think it should work.”


Carragher, meanwhile, agreed with Frank’s view, adding: “I’m with Thomas, I think it’s really harsh. It should be a goal.


“He’s running so his arms are pumping, he’s trying to get there and then he sees the defender comes across, so then maybe his arm is slightly different than his running action but not a lot.


“But the defender is there so that left arm would normally come up anyway. It’s the slightest of touches and to say it’s a handball, I think they could feel a little bit aggrieved there.”


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