JUST IN:Boston Celtics Super Star Dissatisfied With The Celtics Following A Failed Trade

“[Brogdon] might just say, ‘Listen, I’m not getting surgery. I’m just gonna let this heal, and you’ll have to wait for me.’”

One of their most crucial players may require the Boston Celtics to mend their relationship. Malcolm Brogdon was entangled in trade rumors during the offseason and is reportedly not happy with having his name thrown around.

In a three-team transaction in which they would have acquired center Kristaps Porzingis from the Washington Wizards, the Celtics were reportedly on the verge of sending guard Malcolm Brogdon to the Los Angeles Clippers in June.


What Celtics have said on Malcolm Brogdon this summer after rumors -  masslive.com


the deal was ultimately rejected by the Clippers, but the Celtics and Wizards went through with another trade involving Porzingis that involved guard Marcus Smart going to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Brogdon is well aware of the botched transaction. He apparently retained resentment for the team that almost traded him and did not react well to the reports.

“Malcolm’s the one I’m concerned about too, because we’ve heard nothing and he’s angry with the team… I don’t think communication between the two sides has been fruitful.”

The Eastern Conference Finals elbow injury suffered by Brogdon is what led to the Clippers pulling out of the agreement. Brogdon’s resentment for the Celtics, in Washburn’s opinion, may motivate him to delay surgery and let his elbow heal naturally.

This would hurt his trade value and overall contribution to the team.

Gary Washburn

It’s unknown if the emotions Brogdon experienced in July have persisted into September. Washburn, though, asserts that there is no way to know given that he hasn’t communicated much with the team during the offseason.

The Celtics are all in on winning an NBA championship this season. However, Brogdon is a key component in their doing so. Only time will tell just how fractured the relationship is between Brogdon and the organization.

























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