To land Jrue Holiday, Boston Celtics would give up key players that ‘damage roster’

The Boston Celtics would need to “damage the roster” in order to land Jrue Holiday from the Portland Trail Blazers according to MassLive’s Matt Vautour — who believes only key role players get the deal done for the 33-year-old All-NBA defender.

“MassLive’s Brian Robb reported earlier on Thursday that the Celtics are a long shot to land Holiday,” Vautour prefaced before saying, “Salary cap challenges would make negotiating an extension difficult with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Kristaps Porzingis already headed for big deals and to outbid other suitors, the Celtics would have to give up key players that would damage the roster.”

The Miami Herald’s Anthony Chiang and Barry Jackson (subscription required) reported that the Celtics are among Holiday’s preferred landing spots.

“League sources told the Miami Herald on Thursday that the Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers are destinations that appeal to Holiday,” Chiang and Jackson reported.

Six NBA Playoff Contenders Who Should Trade for Jrue Holiday - Sports  Illustrated


The Boston Celtics shouldn’t go for broke to land Jrue Holiday

Let the Heat take their Damian Lillard offer and press re-send to Portland’s front office’s mailbox. If the Chicago Bulls want to add Holiday in hopes the former NBA Champion could kickstart an underwhelming and aging roster. Should Joel Embiid bless the prospect of a return to the City of Brotherly Love for Holiday, the Philadelphia 76ers could be an intriguing option too given the James Harden situation.

Whatever the case is, don’t give up Derrick White for Holiday. Don’t include Al Horford in any offer. Even Robert Williams III could be on the side of the line the front office crosses in a Holiday proposal.

The Boston Celtics cannot go for broke to land Holiday considering the lack of a guarantee that the Cs would even be an instant contender after the supposed “damage” is done. Letting the market play out is the best move for Brad Stevens and Co., and more than likely the move they will take.

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