Clippers still trying to snag 30 years old superstar from Celtics

NBA Trade Rumors: Are the LA Clippers still trying to pry Maloclm Brodgon away from the Boston Celtics? 

The LA Clippers are entering the season healthy. Whether they can remain healthy or not for an entire season remains to be seen. However, if they can, there’s no question that this is a team with championship potential. And adding another piece or two before the playoff run should be a high priority for the front office over the next couple of months.

There still remains some noise around the Clippers and James Harden, but that’s far from a foregone conclusion. If Harden ends up playing for the Sixers or gets moved to another team before the start of the season, LA seems to be lining up potential backup options. One of those potential backup targets could be Malcolm Brogdon, who was actually nearly traded to the team earlier this offseason.

According to a recent report, the Clippers have continued to talk to the Celtics about a potential deal centered around Brogdon.


Malcolm Adjusting to New Situation With Celtics: Sources |

Why have the LA Clippers changed courses on Malcolm Brogdon?

This is particularly interesting since a Brogdon trade to the Clippers is the deal that originally fell through earlier in the offseason. In an attempt to acquire KP from the Wizards, Brogdon was in the first iteration of the deal. However, after it fell through, the Celtics quickly recovered and were forced to include Smart and the Grizzlies in the final version of the deal.

But if the Clippers are still trying to acquire Brogdon from the Celtics, you can’t help but wonder what changed for LA in the last couple of months.

The initial belief was that the Clippers pulled out of the deal last minute because they had injury concerns regarding Brogdon. All of a sudden those concerns are all gone? Or are they that pessimistic that a deal for Harden could come to fruition?

It’s interesting because the Clippers are one team that is trying to make some final additions to their team in hopes of a championship run before the season. The Celtics are among those teams.

I suppose the big question is whether the Celtics and Clippers could work a deal together to help each other. Boston is interested in Jrue Holiday but could also use LA with Brogdon in the process. Would they want to do that?

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