Celtics Analyst Names Bulls Veteran As Alternative For Jrue Holiday

The Boston Celtics are reportedly one of the many teams interested in getting Jrue Holiday, and rightfully so.

Holiday is one of the best backcourt defenders in the game, and they’re craving a guy like him after losing Marcus Smart.


Nonetheless, Celtics writer Dan Greenberg believes the team should pivot and go after Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso instead, citing that he would cost them just a fraction of Holiday’s value.


Truth be told, it doesn’t seem like the Bulls are shopping Caruso around or have any intention to make him available, so changing their stance on that could be costly.


From a defensive standpoint, Caruso would obliviously provide a huge boost at a way more reasonable price, there’s no way to deny that.

Alex Caruso has 11 points, 4 steals in return for Chicago Bulls, but Zach  LaVine misses win - ESPN

But Holiday could also bring more to the table on the offensive end of the floor, and Brad Stevens has made it loud and clear that he won’t hesitate to make big moves to improve the roster and get them over the hump once and for all.


The Celtics have knocked on the door of NBA championship No. 18 for quite a while now, reaching at least the Eastern Conference Finals in back-to-back seasons, but they haven’t been able to land that difference-maker that could get them over the top.


Getting Holiday would most likely require at least a couple of first-round picks, and while that might seem like a steep price, we’re talking about a former All-Star who can guard multiple positions and comes with championship experience.

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