Dan Burn reveals dressing room truth that took Newcastle United from Brighton horror to PSG glory

Newcastle United’s Dan Burn Offers Insights Into Turning Point After Heavy Defeat to Brighton

Dan Burn, a key player for Newcastle United, has shed light on the shift in the team’s approach following a rocky start to the Premier League season, emphasizing the need to return to fundamentals.

Burn acknowledged that there was an overreaction from some quarters after Newcastle’s losses to Man City, Liverpool, and Brighton. However, he also admitted that during this period, the team had veered away from the tactics that had previously propelled them into the Champions League. Notably, Burn played a pivotal role in Newcastle’s remarkable victory over PSG, contributing with a crucial headed goal.

Reflecting on the transformation from the dismal Brighton defeat to the triumph against PSG, Burn shared his perspective with Chronicle Live, stating, “To be honest, I didn’t think things were as off the pace as people made out. We’d played some top teams in Man City and Liverpool, and plenty of teams have struggled against Brighton.”

He went on to explain, “We’ve also had confidence in the changing room that we could turn it around. Nobody was panicking. We have a lot of belief in the squad. Maybe those three games at the start of the season led us to get ahead of ourselves.”



Dan Burn: The changing room dance took away from my goal! | Video | Watch  TV Show | Sky Sports

Burn acknowledged that success can sometimes lead to complacency, saying, “Once you get a bit of success, you start thinking you don’t need to do the things that got you there. But I think in the last month or so, we have shown that we’re back to that. And we are a team to fear.”

Newcastle currently holds the top spot in Group F, following impressive wins over PSG and securing a point against AC Milan.

Regarding the AC Milan match, Burn commented, “I know the AC Milan game received some criticism due to our defending, but considering the occasion and our absence from the Champions League for so long, going to the iconic San Siro and keeping a clean sheet against a team that reached the European cup semi-finals was a significant achievement.”

Burn also expressed gratitude for the support of the Newcastle crowd and stressed the importance of continuing to give them something to rally behind. He noted, “We feed off the crowd a bit. It happened against Man City; we were a bit quiet in the first half, then we started chasing balls down and winning them, and you can feel the crowd.”

He concluded by addressing the reputation of St James’ Park, saying, “I know we have taken some criticism for saying teams fear coming to St James’ Park. But I think we just saw it against PSG—once this place is bouncing, it is a daunting place to visit.”

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