New meeting between Ibrahimovic and Milan today – the situation

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a new meeting with the AC Milan management today as rumours regarding a return to the club have intensified. The Swede has never been this close to returning, a report claims. 

The 42-year-old retired at the end of last season and he made it clear then that he would take some time to think about the future. However, it looks like he could return to Milan in the near future, having met with the management multiple times over the last few weeks.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Ibrahimovic had a new meeting with the CEO Giorgio Furlani today at a hotel in Milano. He has never been this close to returning to the club, per the report, as was confirmed by Furlani’s words a few days ago.

The report highlights how Ibrahimovic made a surprise appearance at Milan ahead of the Newcastle game, before meeting with the club owner Gerry Cardinale the day after. Then, he was also present at San Siro for the games against Newcastle and Lazio.


It’s clear that Milan want to welcome Ibrahimovic back and the latter more or less just needs to say yes or no. It remains to be seen what the role will be.



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