Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett give honest verdict on Dan Neil’s red card

Ex-Premier League referee comments on Sunderland red card after Dan Neil’s dismissal against Middlesbrouh.
Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett has commented on Dan Neil’s red card during Sunderland’s 4-0 defeat against Middlesbrough.

Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett says official Jarred Gillett should have maintained eye contact when sending off Sunderland midfielder Dan Neil during Saturday’s 4-0 defeat against Middlesbrough.

Neil was shown a second yellow card for dissent on the stroke of half-time, when the game was still goalless, after he felt Jack Clarke had been fouled.

“He’s said ‘ref, that’s an f-ing foul’, he’s not not said ‘ref you’re an f-ing whatever,” said Sunderland boss Tony Mowbray when criticising the decision to dismiss Neil.


Tony Mowbray fumes at red card as he explains what Sunderland's Dan Neil  was sent off for - Teesside Live

It was also pointed out on social media that Gillett didn’t look at the player when sending Neil off. When commenting on this to a supporter on X, Hackett posted: “You make a very good point and I always coach referees to face the person receiving a card and ensure eye contact. We are going to see someone get a yellow and claim not to have seen it shown.”

Neil will now be suspended for Sunderland’s Championship match against Stoke after the international break.

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