Finance Expert shares potential West Brom takeover latest updates

Dan Plumley has insisted that West Brom may need to wait until 2024 to get a takeover of the club over the line, with plenty of due diligence needed.

John Percy reported on 19 September that the club were intent on getting a takeover agreed by the end of 2023, with parties from the Middle East and America interested.

The finance expert admitted that it was one thing getting a deal agreed upon, but another to get it over the line with prices already ranging from £35million to £50million.

“I would say so given where we’re at in early October and all of the background narrative to the club and everything that needs looking at,” he exclusively told West Brom News.


West Bromwich Albion owner Guochuan Lai took £4.95m company loan from club  - BBC Sport


“If you’re going to do it properly then you need to undertake that due diligence.

“We know that these things take time in terms of a takeover, it’s never quick or easy, it will be one thing agreeing on a deal, but another thing getting it over the line.


“I think there is a time-pressing need for this given the state of the club, for sure, but I think it’s unlikely given everything we’ve seen that you would get a deal over the line by the end of the year.

“I think you’re looking into 2024 for that one.”

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