Celtics Called ‘Better Landing Spot’ for Six-Time Star

The Boston Celtics currently have an available roster spot, and while they could choose to go into the season with a full squad of 14 players, Bleacher Report’s Adam Fromal outlined why the Celtics would be an ideal destination for six-time All-Star Blake Griffin, should he opt to continue his NBA career.

In an article dated October 13, Fromal stated, “If Blake Griffin decides to prolong his NBA journey rather than retiring, the 34-year-old might struggle to find a more suitable landing spot than a return to the Boston Celtics. The once high-flying power forward may now offer more value as a presence in the locker room and a mentor to younger players than as a dominant on-court force, a role that is even more crucial considering the current status of the Celtics.”

The Celtics’ interest in Griffin may have intensified after trading Robert Williams III to acquire Jrue Holiday from the Portland Trail Blazers. While Griffin was well-regarded during his single season with the Celtics, he has not made a firm decision regarding his future.

It remains possible that Griffin may decide to rejoin the team later in the season, but his final choice is yet to be confirmed.

Brad Stevens has clarified why Griffin did not re-sign with the Celtics during the 2023 offseason, as reported by The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn on September 30. Stevens disclosed that the Celtics were interested in bringing Griffin back for a second season, but the former All-Star is contemplating retirement. However, Stevens made it clear that Griffin would be warmly welcomed back by the Celtics if he decides to return, praising Griffin’s contributions on and off the court.

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At 34 years old, Griffin is not necessarily too old to compete in the NBA. While he may not be the same player he was in his prime, he has demonstrated that he still has value on the basketball court. Griffin and the Celtics may choose to assess their season’s progress before reaching a decision on his potential re-signing.

It’s worth noting that Griffin had positive sentiments about his time in Boston, as expressed during a conversation with Dan Rappoport on “Fore Play Golf.”

“Dude, Boston is unbelievable. Living in Boston, playing in Boston was, like, one of the best experiences. Dude, the fans are incredible. Having a team that is so championship-focused. One of the best parts (is) the players on that team are just like such a great group of guys.”

Griffin added how impressed with Jayson Tatum’s humility, given his status as one of the league’s biggest stars

“A guy like Jayson Tatum, a legit superstar, and just like so humble. Talks to everybody on the team. Talks to the whole staff. He would go sit and have a conversation with whoever. He’s not only hanging out with like Marcus (Smart) or (Jaylen Brown).”

Even though Griffin has opted not to stay in Boston, it’s clear that there’s no ill will on his end.

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