Jamie Carragher explains Steve Cooper friendship as Nottingham Forest boundary set

In the latest Nottingham Forest news, Jamie Carragher has shared insights about his close friendship with Nottingham Forest head coach Steve Cooper, which originates from their connection with Liverpool. The former Liverpool and England defender disclosed that his relationship with Cooper has developed over several years.

Their acquaintance began when Cooper coached Carragher’s son, James, during the latter’s time in the Liverpool academy. Since then, they have maintained regular contact, which Carragher finds valuable for his punditry work.

Carragher occasionally converses with Cooper and elaborated on the nature of their discussions when Nottingham Forest is scheduled to feature on Monday Night Football. Additionally, they have established a clear boundary concerning discussions about football tactics and strategies.

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During an interview on the Covering Liverpool podcast, Carragher explained, “I have a close connection with a few managers, such as Steve Cooper at Nottingham Forest, thanks to his prior coaching of my son, James, at Liverpool. This connection means I don’t refrain from speaking with him.”

He continued, “I engage in conversations with him on occasion, especially if Nottingham Forest is set to appear on Monday Night Football. My interest lies not in his team selection, to be honest, but rather in gaining a general sense of the atmosphere leading up to the game.”

Carragher added, “Sometimes, there might be a new signing I’d like to discuss with him before our show, but I would never request insights into his lineup choices.”

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