Luton manager now gives honest verdict on Luton’s top scorer Morris

The Hatters’ interest in a striker would indicate that they are doing something right.

After his performances in the Premier League this season, Luton Town manager Rob Edwards is unconcerned about having to fend off any approaches for striker Carlton Morris.

With some bulldozing efforts upfront for the Hatters, where he has led the charge on his own in recent weeks, the 27-year-old has been one of the major players to catch the eye in the top flight for Town.

Morris leads the league in aerial duels won with 44. He has also scored three goals, two from the penalty spot and one unerring finish in the 2-1 win over Everton.


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When asked if this could lead to a future battle to maintain hold of the former Rotherham and Norwich forward, who has 23 goals in 60 appearances for Luton Town, Edwards was unfazed: “If we’re having that problem, then we’ve done something right.”

“It’s incredible, if we’d said a year ago when we walked into the club, Carlton, this is where we’re going to be, this is what you’re going to be doing, he’d have been delighted and he should be very, very proud.”

“But I know he’s hungry, and he’s hungry for more; he’s not going to stop here.”

“What’s really pleasing about him right now isn’t just his goals, but also his performances.”

“I’ve got people phoning me and saying ‘he’s good,’ while players after a game saying, ‘he’s at it, he’s difficult to play against.'”

Morris, who scored a season-high 20 goals for Luton Town last season, continued: “I feel good, I’m making the right runs, I’m in the right areas, I’m doing the right things, I’m confident in my ability, I know exactly how good I am.”

“We learned from last season that our standard needs to be raised.”

“We demand from each other, that’s what a good squad does, demands in the right way and we demand high standards out of each other.”

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