Nazariy Rusyn, Sunderland’s summer signing, has revealed his feelings starting life in England

Sunderland’s recent summer acquisition, Nazariy Rusyn, has openly acknowledged that he has encountered significant challenges since his arrival at the Stadium of Light in England. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about his prospects.

Rusyn, a forward who joined Sunderland from Zorya Luhansk during the summer, faced some hurdles that delayed his debut until late September. To date, he has only played for 30 minutes in four matches and is yet to score a goal since his transfer. This marks his first experience playing in England, and he acknowledges that it will take time to adapt.

While on international duty with the Ukrainian national team, Rusyn has had an opportunity to find some familiarity before returning to Sunderland.

Moving to a foreign country, especially when you are on your own and don’t speak the language, is a considerable challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated. Rusyn emphasized the language barrier as his main difficulty, underscoring the importance of communication for football players. His initial days in the North East have been tough, and these language-related issues have not made it any easier.

Despite the hardships, he remains determined and patient, understanding that there’s no rush. He is focused on listening to the coach’s instructions, adapting to the new environment, and gradually settling in.


Nazariy Rusyn finding Sunderland life 'difficult' as he identifies main  problem - Chronicle Live

Adapting to a new setting is part and parcel of being a footballer, as the sport is played differently all over the world. In England, acclimating to the Championship can be particularly challenging, given its diversity of playing styles, from long-ball tactics to quick passing. Rusyn noted that the pace of the game is much faster, and every team is a formidable opponent. The level of competition is high, and there are no easy matches. Nonetheless, he appreciates the opportunity to play and develop in such a competitive environment.

In spite of the difficulties he has faced, Rusyn is displaying the resilience and mindset of a great player, determined to overcome challenges and reach his full potential.

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