Striker looks to future as Ipswich linked man reveals motivation

A highly productive striker for Portsmouth is focusing on the future, driven by the potential of achieving success for the team. Colby Bishop, sometimes referred to as the “Magic Man,” has highlighted a key motivator for Pompey’s pursuit of promotion this season.

Bishop has been in exceptional form this season, netting eight goals, including six in the last seven matches, which builds on his impressive debut campaign at PO4. The 26-year-old acknowledges the mounting pressure to secure promotion, especially considering Portsmouth’s current top-of-the-table position.

However, what keeps him fired up is the prospect of remarkable celebrations and achievements that could accompany success this season, with the possibility of moving up to the Championship. In an interview with The Athletic, he emphasized the understanding that when you sign for Portsmouth, the goal is to escape League One, and the city is longing for that transformation. He believes the loyal fan base deserves it, and he hopes this season will bring that much-anticipated promotion. Bishop also expressed his readiness to embrace the pressure that comes with playing for Portsmouth, acknowledging the highs and lows of the journey but eagerly anticipating the euphoria of promotion.

Colby Bishop: Pompey striker reflects on the season and addresses future - BBC Sport


Bishop’s performance has continued to improve under the guidance of head coach Mousinho since joining in January, initially recruited by Danny Cowley the previous summer. He attributes his growing confidence to Mousinho, who encourages him to focus on his strengths, especially scoring goals and being a handful in the box. The manager’s expectations for the team this year are clear: they aim for promotion, and he instills confidence in the players. Bishop believes the team is still evolving, with room for improvement and a growing understanding among the players. They have only played 12 games, and there’s ample time to become even better.

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