Huddersfield Town v QPR: Sorba Thomas reveals inspiration from Premier League star

In the 2022-23 season, Sorba Thomas endured a challenging period he’d rather put behind him. However, during this trying time, he found inspiration in the resilient spirit of Manchester United defender Harry Maguire.

Huddersfield Town’s winger suffered setbacks, including injuries, in a season that was a stark contrast to the highs he experienced in 2021-22. In the previous season, he achieved international recognition with Wales and rose to prominence in the Championship, even reaching Wembley with the Terriers, and his name was in the limelight.

Thomas’s wounds are gradually healing, thanks to his stints under the guidance of Neil Warnock and, more recently, Darren Moore. Meanwhile, Manchester United and England’s Harry Maguire continues to endure his own physical challenges, demonstrating remarkable resilience as a Yorkshireman.

Even in the face of criticism, figures like Gareth Southgate stand by Maguire. Thomas shared his admiration, saying, “With all the situations that were happening last year, I kind of looked towards people like Harry Maguire, who, after the abuse he gets, still turns up for the game and gives 100 percent. He doesn’t really listen to the negativity.”

Despite not personally knowing Maguire, Thomas respects his ability to remain professional and focused amid adversity. He acknowledged that, for someone as high-profile as Maguire, every good action may attract criticism, but Maguire perseveres.

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Around this time last year, Thomas’s career appeared uncertain. He was loaned out to Blackburn Rovers in January, but that stint didn’t yield the desired results. Fortunately, Neil Warnock provided the winger with a confidence boost, assuring him of a significant role in the upcoming campaign. This support from the seasoned manager started bringing out the best in Thomas, who affectionately referred to Warnock as “the calm one.”

As fate would have it, Darren Moore, another composed and caring figure, succeeded Warnock, and he continued to offer guidance and support. Thomas described Moore as a father figure who genuinely cares about him as a person. Moore’s winning mentality and his ability to connect with players left a positive impact on Thomas.

Thomas acknowledged that at times, he may not be the easiest player to manage, but he values the experience and wisdom that coaches like Neil and Darren bring. Their words carry weight in the locker room, and Thomas is always eager to learn from them.

Despite facing criticism on social media in the past season, Thomas has persevered at Huddersfield Town. If he encounters more negativity in the future, he is determined to take it in stride and use it as motivation. He’s unfazed by those who talk about him on social media and sees it as fuel to drive him to perform at his best. When he finds the back of the net, he plans to let his performance do the talking and prove his doubters wrong.

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