Rams star Aaron Donald three word response to Pittsburgh trade claim

Rams star Aaron Donald shuts down idea of finishing his career with hometown Steelers.


The Los Angeles Rams are currently in the process of preparing for their upcoming matchup at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Donald himself originally hails from Pittsburgh, leading some to wonder if he might ever have an interest in leaving the Rams in favor of finishing his career out with his hometown team.

However, Donald recently quickly put a stop to those rumblings.


The star was recently asked if he’s ever thought about the prospect of suiting up for the Steelers.


“Not really, no,” said Donald, per Noah Strackbein of Sports Illustrated. “I never thought of it. I never thought about it.”


Donald went on to discuss what his emotions have been when the Rams have played the Steelers throughout his illustrious career.


“My first year, I was excited about it,” said Donald. “Obviously, going back to Pittsburgh (in 2019), it was exciting. Now, it’s cool to play against the team that I grew up watching and all that, but it’s just another week. Want to find a way to be successful. … I still consider myself a Steelers fan until we’ve got to play them, and I still look to see if they’re doing good.”


Aaron Donald was born in Pittsburgh in 1991, establishing himself as a high school star in the area and eventually playing his college football at Pittsburgh.

In the years since, he has established himself as arguably the greatest defensive player of all time during his career with the Rams, which began in 2014 when the franchise was still in St. Louis.


The Rams and Steelers are slated to kick off at 4:05 PM ET on October 22.



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