‘Just incredible’: Micah Richards claims Newcastle star is ridiculously underrated now

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has constructed a young and dynamic group that can only grow better, but it is one of the more seasoned players who has blown Micah Richards away this week.

Newcastle defeated Crystal Palace 4-0 on Saturday, and Kieran Trippier once again shone brightly.

The 33-year-old was outstanding, increasing his assist total to seven after setting up Jacob Murphy for the Magpies’ opener – although a fluke from the Toon winger.

Trippier is on fire offensively, and he continues to crush his opponents defensively. On Saturday, he was rock solid, battling with Crystal Palace’s roughness to ensure Newcastle kept another clean sheet.

Newcastle were in such command by the 69th minute that Eddie Howe was able to pull Trippier off and rest him, which was great to see ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League encounter with Borussia Dortmund.

The England international will look to maintain his fine form against the Bundesliga side, and Micah Richards, a pundit, has outlined why he believes the £12 million man is so underappreciated.

“I remember in training he was up against Adebayor and you know Adebayor always used to go to the left side and then hold it up and do some skills and what not,” he went on to say.

“And every time Adebayor got the ball, he annihilated Trippier in a one-on-one situation.” Mancini was the manager at the time, I believe. But what no one knew was that the best part of his game was still


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ahead of him. So they were using his flaws while overlooking his talents.

“When he was allowed to go to Burnley, everyone said it was the biggest mistake ever.” Send him out on loan for a couple of seasons, and when he fills out a bit – he’s only small now, but think back then – the technique he had, the timing of his runs, the passing, the commitment he showed, he’ll be a different player. I thought he was going to be a great player.

“So he goes to Burnley and sets a record for assists in the Championship, then he goes to Spurs and does amazing there, then he goes to Atletico Madrid and wins the league there, and then he comes back and does what he does for England.”

“I just think he’s the most underappreciated full-back because we have Walker, Trent, and Reece James.” But if you’re looking for someone who will be consistent, this is the finest football I’ve ever seen him play, and he’s two years younger than me, at 33. It’s simply incredible.”

Manchester City did not realise Kieran Trippier’s potential

In 2012, when Manchester City parted ways with Kieran Trippier, they couldn’t anticipate the remarkable player he would evolve into. Now, at the age of 33, he is displaying the finest football of his career.

Trippier’s acquisition has been a game-changer for Newcastle, as he continually improves, defying the conventional decline associated with age. His ongoing season has been nothing short of exceptional, surpassing even his outstanding performance last year when he was the standout player for the club.

Micah Richards firmly believes that Man City’s decision to sell Trippier in the past was a mistake, as he has demonstrated his potential to be an elite-level player.

Yet, much has changed since then, and Trippier’s journey to becoming the player he is today can be attributed to his experiences at Burnley, Tottenham, and Atletico Madrid.

Now, as part of Newcastle, he is well on his way to becoming a legend for the club, a status that will endure long after his playing days have concluded.

While Richards may argue that Trippier is undervalued, the entire Newcastle United fan base is well aware of his exceptional abilities.

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