FA to investigate premier league club after incidents against Newcastle United and other clubs

Sheffield United have had more trouble with supporters at Bramall Lane following an incident against Newcastle United last month.

The Football Association investigated an incident in which Newcastle midfielder Elliot Anderson was injured by an object thrown from the stands during The Magpies’ 8-0 win against The Blades in September, but the club was not charged.


Elliot Anderson: England and Scotland battle for Newcastle midfielder;  Steve Clarke: 'He's got a choice to make' | Football News | Sky Sports


“It was after Sven [Botman] scored, just running over, I looked into the ground and saw it coming,” Anderson remarked after the event. It smacked me in the knee, but there’s not much I can do except leave it to others.”

Several pitch intrusions happened during Sheffield United’s 2-1 home loss to Manchester United on Saturday. During the game, one fan assaulted Manchester United players Bruno Fernandes and Alejandro Garnacho, prompting a second-half delay.

At the final whistle, two additional fans made their way onto the pitch, one of whom appeared to be taking photographs with Manchester United players.

The incidents are likely to be investigated again by the FA for possibly violating FA rule E21, which states that clubs must ensure that “spectators and/or its supporters (and anyone purporting to be its supporters or followers) conduct themselves in an orderly fashion whilst attending any match” and do not “use words or otherwise behave in a way which is improper, offensive, violent, threatening, abusive, indecent, insulting, or provocative.”

Pitch intrusions are also considered a criminal offense, with Leeds United being charged by the FA and a supporter arrested for an incident that occurred last season against Newcastle.

After the match concluded, two more fans entered the field, with one of them seemingly taking photos alongside Manchester United players.

These occurrences are likely to undergo further scrutiny from the FA due to a potential breach of FA rule E21. This rule dictates that clubs are responsible for ensuring that spectators, supporters, or anyone claiming to be affiliated with the club conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner while attending matches. It explicitly forbids the use of improper, offensive, violent, threatening, abusive, indecent, insulting, or provocative language or behavior.

It’s essential to note that intrusions onto the playing field are not only subject to FA investigation but are also regarded as a criminal offense. A similar incident last season involving Leeds United led to charges from the FA and the arrest of a supporter during a match against Newcastle.

“We don’t want to see that,” he stated emphatically. “I’m worried because we’re at work.” You’ve heard me mention it before. I don’t want our supporters to be a part of that.

“We want the passion, the joy, the intent, the noise, all of that.” The majority of what I saw were Manchester United fans attempting to take photos with them, but that isn’t always the case, is it? It shouldn’t be that simple.

“There should be no intention of going on the pitch at all.” We know the regulations and the adjustments, and those will most likely be enforced today.”

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