Former Newcastle player now makes ‘bold’ prediction on where newcastle united will end in the champions league

Newcastle United marked their Champions League return in spectacular fashion with a resounding 4-1 victory over PSG. In anticipation of their upcoming match against Borussia Dortmund, former Newcastle midfielder and current TNT Sports expert Jermaine Jenas expressed his belief that the club should set their sights on reaching the quarter-finals, citing the electric atmosphere generated during the triumph over PSG.

Jenas, a former Newcastle United player and current TNT Sports analyst, holds the conviction that his former team has the potential to advance to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. In anticipation of the Magpies’ forthcoming home fixture against Borussia Dortmund, Jenas reflected on the remarkable 4-1 win at St James’ Park against PSG, characterizing it as one of the most exhilarating atmospheres he had witnessed throughout the season.


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He emphasized the uniqueness of the atmosphere, noting that it was an experience of rare quality, especially considering the limited moments of joy and grand occasions that Newcastle fans had enjoyed in recent times. The eruption of jubilation on that one unforgettable night was a testament to the pent-up emotions of the fans, and the players played their part exceptionally well, even going as far as celebrating their tackles to be a part of the incredible experience and witness the sheer delight on the faces of Newcastle supporters.

When questioned about Newcastle’s potential progress in the tournament, Jenas was optimistic, stating that advancing beyond the group stage is certainly achievable. Despite initial concerns, he expressed confidence in the team’s home performance and their ability to maintain clean sheets, which he believes can see them through the group stage. Beyond that point, the outcome becomes less predictable, with the draws playing a significant role. Drawing a parallel to the previous season, he highlighted AC Milan’s unexpected journey to the semi-finals, even though it wasn’t their strongest season. In light of this, he suggested that reaching the quarter-finals would serve as an excellent foundation for Newcastle’s foray into Champions League football.


In terms of what Newcastle’s goal should be this season and what constitutes success, Jenas was unequivocal in stating that they needed to return to the top four.
He used Tottenham Hotspur, another of his former clubs, as an example of a team that could do it for a few years but couldn’t sustain it.
“A return to the Champions League [spots] must now become a regular feature for Newcastle.” We watched how the Spurs did it for a couple years before falling off.

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