Former PL referee gives verdict on controversial decision during Sunderland v Norwich

Former Premier League referee Chris Foy has responded to the contentious call that led to Norwich City taking the lead against Sunderland over the weekend. During an interview with Sky Sports, Foy expressed his support for the decision, even though it faced significant criticism.




Despite Sunderland’s strong start to the game, they found themselves trailing due to a goal by Hwang Ui-jo. However, the match officials faced jeers and harsh criticism from fans on social media due to the controversial ruling that permitted the goal. Sunderland had expected the assistant referee to raise the flag when Gabriel Sara approached the ball from an offside position but allowed Kellen Fisher to continue and deliver the cross. Initially, it was believed that Sara was interfering with play from an offside position, leading to criticism of the assistant referee. However, it has since come to light that the Norwich player was, in fact, onside.

Chris Foy has now commended the assistant referee for making a “very astute decision.” In an interview with Sky Sports, he stated, “The assistant referee made an excellent decision, demonstrating sound judgment in awarding the goal.”

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