Titans QB Ryan Tannehill now reacts to losing starting job to Will Levis

Ryan Tannehill, the veteran quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, admitted on Wednesday that it’s tough to lose the starting job to youngster Will Levis.

Tannehill stated, “It is hard,” according to Jim Wyatt of the Titans website. “I’ve never encountered this circumstance before. It’s never something that anyone wants to be in, so it hits hard. But I have to get through this predicament that I’m in.”

When Tannehill declared he was “competing against” then-rookie Malik Willis in the spring of 2022, it made headlines. Talk about any alleged problems between them was later put down by those two, and Tannehill appeared prepared on Wednesday to guide Levis through at least Week 18.

Tannehill continued, “(Will) has done some good things obviously.” “He performed well when he entered… and I’ll be available to assist him along the road and respond to any queries he may have.”

Before Tennessee’s bye in Week 6, Tannehill was sidelined with an ankle ailment. Levis started and went 1-1 in his place. Levis completed 41 of 68 passes for 500 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception in the two games. Those four touchdowns came in a 28-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on October 29.

On Tuesday, head coach Mike Vrabel formally declared Levis the starting lineup.

“Yesterday at practice, doing a good job of stepping in and letting me know that the reps, even in the beginning of practice with the 1s, [were mine].” Levis stated of Tannehill, according to ESPN’s Turron Davenport. “I didn’t want to step over him, but he came to me first to be like, ‘Hey, this is you.’ So it was cool to hear that.”

Tannehill, who is in the last months of his deal and the Titans are 3–5, turned 35 this past summer. In the event that Levis is hurt or is totally absent by the end of the regular season, Tannehill has probably played his last meaningful snaps for the team and possibly as an NFL starting quarterback.

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