Ohio State star confirmed synching up head to toe right on time: Nathan Baird’s observations

**Ohio State Quarterback Kyle McCord Displays Peak Performance: Observations by Nathan Baird**


In Ohio State football’s dominating 38-3 victory over Michigan State, three key observations stood out:


1. **McCord’s Precision and Efficiency**

– In the evaluation process set by Coach Ryan Day, Kyle McCord showcased exceptional footwork and focus during the game, marking his best performance of the season.

– While Marvin Harrison Jr. stole the spotlight with two touchdown receptions, McCord’s critical plays included a well-executed shovel pass under pressure and a composed check-down to Cade Stover.



– Day noted McCord’s improved footwork, stating that the game is slowing down for him. Despite facing a strong Rutgers defense in the previous week, McCord’s performance against Michigan State displayed a higher level of confidence and strategic decision-making.

– McCord attributed his success to a gradual progression over 11 weeks, emphasizing the importance of practice reps and film study.


2. **Denzel Burke’s Defensive Impact**

– Denzel Burke, returning after a month-long absence due to injury, demonstrated his defensive prowess in just one series. He contributed to a crucial tackle for loss on third-and-3, highlighting his significance to the team.

– With Lathan Ransom’s return uncertain, Burke’s health becomes paramount. Sonny Styles has assumed Ransom’s role, making Burke’s availability crucial against a potent Michigan offense.

– The defense aims to have both Burke and Davison Igbinosun ready to counter Michigan’s dual-threat offensive strategy.


3. **Strategic Coaching Decisions in the Second Half**

– Coach Day acknowledged that he might have approached the second half differently if the game occurred earlier in the season. Given the team’s existing injuries, Day opted for a more conservative strategy to secure the lead by halftime.

– Despite this, Day emphasized the value of providing playing time to the deep bench, especially for future seasons. True freshman cornerback Calvin Simpson-Hunt’s standout play in a screen pass situation showcased the potential for future contributions.

– Day highlighted the importance of such moments in building for the long term, even if it meant coaching decisions differed from earlier in the season.

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