The official reason for Michigan’s decision to terminate Chris Partridge revealed

Real Recognize Real report (11/17) – The reason for Chris Partridge’s termination

We have the official reason for Michigan’s decision to terminate Chris Partridge.


Welcome to the Real Recognize Real Report. That title isn’t grammatically correct, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a colloquialism that is commonly used within my family and friend circle, highlighting how a person possessing a particular trait can readily identify others possessing that same trait. A person who is genuine and authentic can recognize other people that are genuine and authentic. The “3R Report” will follow that theme – it’ll always include intel from real, genuine sources whose credibility has been verified. Installments will drop daily. They won’t always be long, and they won’t always include huge news, but they’ll always be real.

Now for the “3R report”… as was alluded to this morning on TMI’s Victors Club messageboard. the Michigan football program has made a major staffing decision related to the NCAA’s sign stealing probe. Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge has been terminated from his position with the program, effective immediately.

The NCAA has reportedly uncovered new evidence during its investigation into Michigan’s illegal scouting operation.


According to a Friday report from Ross Dellenger and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, the NCAA presented evidence to Michigan officials this week showing that a Michigan booster may have partially funded Connor Stalions’ operation. The booster, who is referred to as “Uncle T” in the NCAA’s report, allegedly gave Stalions thousands of dollars for expenses.





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