Breaking news: Green Bay Packers reportedly comfirm the release of another player after win Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Green Bay Packers dominated the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. The Packers’ defense came up with one more stop to secure a 23-20 victory over the Chargers, who were led by Justin Herbert. The defense, on the other hand, got a few fortuitous breaks in their triumph that greatly aided their chances.

One safety was kicked from the team today after receiving two penalties on the same play.


Green Bay Packers re-sign free agent safety Dallin Leavitt


After being penalized for holding, the situation worsened for Leavitt as he incurred another penalty on the same play, this time for a foul against an official. The Packers’ head coach, Matt LaFleur, expressed intense displeasure with Leavitt’s actions on the sidelines, and the frustration ultimately led to the decision to release him from the team just one day later.

Leavitt had joined Green Bay the previous year, following Rich Bisaccia from Las Vegas, with the aim of addressing issues in the special teams unit. Despite his significant contributions to special teams, including playing more snaps than most in 2022, Leavitt’s release came as a surprise. He had been a key player in the core special teams lineup for the past two seasons.

In response to Leavitt’s departure, the Packers brought in running back Patrick Taylor, signing him from the New England Patriots’ practice squad. This move was prompted by injuries to Aaron Jones and Emanuel Wilson during the game against the Chargers, necessitating a running back change. Taylor, having already played four games for Green Bay in the current season, brings familiarity with the team’s offensive system.

However, it is surprising that Leavitt is the player to go. It may demonstrate faith in safety Zayne Anderson to fill Leavitt’s post. Anderson didn’t make his Packers debut until Week 9 because of a hamstring issue. On special teams against Los Angeles on Sunday, he made a terrific tackle.

The Packers have lost a seasoned and key special teams member. Leavitt’s release is unexpected.

To replace their snap-leading special teams player, the Packers will almost definitely have to be inventive. Since Bisaccia took charge, this squad has placed a premium on being strong on special teams.

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