Toronto Raptors star now in talk to depart raptors

Following their impressive 108-100 victory over the Phoenix Suns, the Toronto Raptors were in high spirits, having outplayed a team that had previously secured seven consecutive wins and welcomed back Kevin Durant into their lineup.

However, amid the positive atmosphere, there’s a cloud of concern hovering over the Raptors, particularly regarding the future of forward OG Anunoby. As the trade market heats up, Anunoby emerges as a potential hot commodity, given his impending free agency this summer.

Reports indicate that the Raptors harbor genuine worries about Anunoby’s upcoming free agency situation. The concern centers around the possibility of other teams enticing Anunoby away from Toronto with a shorter-term max deal, capitalizing on the relatively weak free agency market anticipated in the summer of 2024. League executives anticipate Anunoby declining his $19.9 million player option for the 2024-25 season, making him an unrestricted free agent.

As one of the NBA’s premier 3-and-D players, Anunoby is expected to attract significant interest in free agency, leading to stiff competition for the 26-year-old’s services. The Philadelphia 76ers are highlighted as a potential contender capable of offering Anunoby a substantial contract this summer, given their available cap space.


This situation draws parallels to the Raptors’ experience with Fred VanVleet, who faced similar trade interest before securing a lucrative contract with the Houston Rockets. Raptors President Masai Ujiri opted to retain VanVleet, only to witness the player secure a massive deal that the team couldn’t match.

The looming question for the Raptors is whether they will choose to trade Anunoby or risk the possibility of him departing in free agency. Anunoby himself has expressed a desire for a larger role, and with the emergence of Scottie Barnes this season, the dynamics within the team may influence his decision.

As the Raptors navigate this delicate situation, the specter of déjà vu looms, with the potential for history to repeat itself if Anunoby follows a similar path to VanVleet in the upcoming summer. The Raptors will need to carefully weigh their options and assess the evolving landscape of their roster and player ambitions.

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