Red Bull chief shares Sergio Perez “failed” admission as 2024 F1 plan becomes clear

Red Bull dominated the F1 globe with Max Verstappen winning the drivers’ title and Sergio Perez finishing second, but not everyone at the company is completely satisfied. Despite Red Bull’s dominance in 2023, technical director Pierre Wache believes the team “failed” because to Sergio Perez’s problems.

Only teammate Max Verstappen finished ahead of the Mexican in the championship. It meant that Red Bull finished a Formula One season with both of its drivers ahead of everyone else in the championship for the first time.

But Perez’s journey was far from easy. He appeared to be in danger of losing second place for a spell as he struggled with form. Even though he eventually completed the task, his inconsistency left him 290 points behind by the end of the year.


Sergio 'Checo' Pérez: F1 – Red Bull Athlete Profile


Verstappen relentlessly squeezed every last drop of performance from the tremendously quick RB19, whereas Perez struggled. That is why, despite the team’s outstanding season, Red Bull technical chief Wache is not entirely content.

“A fast car is one that allows the driver to perform to the maximum,” he told the Dutch Formula One magazine. “We failed in that regard because only one driver, Max in this case, was capable of handling it well.”

“Max’s talent is that he was able to use the car well throughout the season and in a variety of conditions.” On the other hand, we may not have fully comprehended Checo’s requirements for getting the most out of the RB19.”

Wache’s annoyance suggests that it will be a focus for him and his design team as they continue to work on their 2024 automobile.

If the performance gap between Red Bull and their competitors narrows, this team may need both of its drivers to be on fire in order to mount a successful title defense.

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