George Russell shows true colours with reaction to Lewis Hamilton statement

When told the outcome of his battle with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, George Russell had a surprising reaction. When informed of his record versus teammate Lewis Hamilton this season, Mercedes driver George Russell was unsure how to react. The 25-year-old tied the seven-time world champion 11-11 in qualifying sessions, an area in which Hamilton has typically excelled.

Hamilton holds the record for the most pole positions in Formula One history, and his exceptional standards have been met by George Russell. Although Russell finished behind his more seasoned teammate by 59 points and five positions, his ability to match Hamilton’s performance in qualifying signifies his worthiness of a place within the Silver Arrows team.


Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton on the business of being an F1 racer


However, Russell didn’t seem pleased when informed about his performance compared to Hamilton’s. In an interview with Channel 4’s Steve Jones, the presenter appeared more enthusiastic than Russell himself. When Russell was told that matching Hamilton was an achievement to be proud of, he responded, “I’m not quite sure, to be honest.”

Despite the host’s attempt to encourage him, stating that he would be delighted with that accomplishment, Russell took a different stance, saying, “Nobody celebrates a draw, do they?” These remarks indicate Russell’s mindset to Mercedes—his dissatisfaction with merely matching Hamilton demonstrates his aspirations not just to compete but to strive for victory on the grid.

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