Baltimore Orioles now in talk to sign another experienced Blockbuster but not Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease

The Baltimore Orioles, widely anticipated to make significant moves in the offseason, might be aiming for an even more substantial trade than initially speculated. While many expected the Orioles to focus on the high-profile free-agent market, recent reports hint at a potential blockbuster trade, possibly involving a pitcher with greater control than previously considered, challenging assumptions about their pursuit of Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease.

General Manager Mike Elias’s reference to playing at the top of the pitching market may indeed be directed at the trade market rather than free agency. The Dylan Cease trade rumors have circulated, but there’s a new twist to the narrative. The Orioles, armed with a wealth of position prospects, are reportedly exploring the possibility of acquiring Miami Marlins ace Jesus Luzardo, according to insights from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal suggests that the Orioles, given their abundance of position prospects, could position themselves to trade for a starting pitcher with even more extended control than Cease. Luzardo, a left-hander with the Marlins, has an extra year of control compared to Cease, not hitting free agency until 2027. Cease, on the other hand, is set to become a free agent after the 2025 MLB season, providing two years of control.


Luzardo has showcased his prowess over the past two seasons, particularly standing out in the 2023 season with a 3.58 ERA and a 1.215 WHIP over 178.2 innings. His stellar performance played a crucial role in keeping the Marlins in postseason contention until the season’s end.

While the addition of Luzardo to the Orioles’ rotation would inject youth and impact innings, it is acknowledged that such a move would come at a significant cost. Rosenthal alludes to the notion that the Orioles possess promising prospects that could facilitate a deal for a pitcher of Luzardo’s caliber.

As the Orioles potentially recalibrate their offseason strategy, the prospect of acquiring a pitcher with Luzardo’s talent and extended control adds an intriguing dimension to their offseason plans, challenging preconceptions about the team’s approach to the pitching market. The trade negotiations, if pursued, are likely to be closely watched as the Orioles seek to fortify their roster for the upcoming season.

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