George Russell fights F1 rule change with Lewis Hamilton’s view already clear

alterations to the F1 Sprint are likely ahead of the 2024 season, but one of the proposed alterations would certainly not sit well with either Lewis Hamilton or George Russell. Both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have said unequivocally that they are opposed to the introduction of reverse grids into Formula 1.

It is a format used in the direct feeder series of the sport. For the Sprint race, the top ten qualifiers are turned around, while the entire qualifying results are used to create the grid for the main race as usual.

Something similar has been proposed for F1, with executives now debating the Sprint’s future. The format continues to have the full support of the sport’s elite, although it has been accepted that changes are needed to make the short-form races more interesting.


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Introducing reverse grids is not the only solution under consideration, but it is one. It would, however, be unpopular among some of the grid’s most powerful voices.

Russell, a member of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, opposes the notion. “I can’t speak for all drivers, but personally, I doubt the effectiveness of reverse grid races. My experience in Formula 3 and Formula 2 taught me that,” stated the Mercedes driver.

“When the top 10 cars are the fastest, the most challenging overtaking occurs among direct competitors. Reversing the grid means the fastest car in 10th tries to overtake the second-fastest in ninth, which aims to overtake the third-fastest in eighth. Each car ends up trying to surpass their immediate rival.

“In reality, it might result in a procession aided by DRS, with a slower team like Williams leading from a Haas, unable to pass, followed by an Alpine, and subsequently a McLaren or another team. Therefore, I have doubts about the workability of this concept.”

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