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The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing a challenging situation with quarterback Kenny Pickett’s ankle injury, and there is growing concern within the organization that he may miss the full four weeks of recovery. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the sense from Pittsburgh is that Pickett could be sidelined for an extended period.

Pickett sustained the injury during the Steelers’ 24-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on December 3. Despite undergoing surgery on his ankle, Pickett has already been ruled out for the upcoming game against the New England Patriots. While there was initial optimism about a quicker recovery, the latest reports suggest a more pessimistic outlook.

The team had been exploring options at the quarterback position even before Pickett’s injury, considering a potential benching after a string of challenging performances. However, they ultimately stuck with Pickett, and the unfortunate injury occurred in the game against the Cardinals.

Mitch Trubisky replaced Pickett in the game against Arizona, but the Steelers’ options under center are limited. Mason Rudolph might see an increased role, and the team has also signed Trace McSorley to the practice squad. However, both alternatives present challenges, with Trubisky’s inconsistency and McSorley’s limited experience.

Steelers QB Kenny Pickett to be 'game-time' decision for Thursday's matchup  vs. Titans after rib injury

If Pickett indeed misses the full four weeks, it raises questions about his potential return for the remainder of the season. The decision may hinge on the team’s performance in the AFC postseason picture. If the Steelers are out of contention, there may be little reason to risk Pickett’s long-term health. If they are still in the wild-card conversation, the performance of Trubisky could influence the decision to bring Pickett back.

Ultimately, Pickett’s availability for the rest of the season remains uncertain, and the Steelers are closely monitoring the situation amid a challenging quarterback landscape.

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