Rams’ Matthew Stafford Breaks Silence on Seeing Odell Beckham Again Ahead Of Ravens Clash

On Sunday, December 10, the Los Angeles Rams will play in a rare Super Bowl 56 reunion at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium.

Odell Beckham Jr. will be present. This time, however, it is for the Baltimore Ravens. He’s totally recovered from his catastrophic ACL tear in February 2022 in Inglewood. And the last quarterback to throw the ball to him will be on the other sideline.


Matthew Stafford has spoken out about the possibility of meeting “OBJ” again before of the key interconference showdown.

Matthew Stafford Reveals if He’s Reached Out to Odell Beckham

Has Stafford connected with Beckham before their much-anticipated reunion?

Stafford disclosed to reporters in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday, December 6 that he has been in contact with Beckham during the week. “Yes, I’ve talked to him this week,” Stafford said. “He texted me and ‘Coop’ (teammate Cooper Kupp) the other day. We’ve been having conversations.”


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While the two former Super Bowl-winning teammates exchanged pleasantries, Stafford is preparing to face Beckham on the field this time. Reflecting on playing against him, Stafford emphasized the exceptional talent and special qualities he observed while sharing a locker room and huddle with Beckham.

Observing Beckham’s performance as a Raven, Stafford noted an increased agility. “He’s done some impressive things this year. He’s moving around great right now,” Stafford commented. “We watched some footage when we were studying the [Cleveland] Browns and he took a slant to the house for 40 or 50 yards, and he looked like he was moving exceptionally well.”

Facing Beckham in a different team’s uniform presents a challenge for Stafford, who acknowledges not only Beckham’s individual threat but also the overall offensive prowess of the Ravens. “He’s a significant challenge for our team, much like the other players on their offense,” Stafford acknowledged. “They have a lot of talented and explosive guys. It starts with their quarterback, who performs at a high level, and then it trickles down. It’s a big challenge for us.”

Beckham, having made 27 catches for 408 yards and two touchdowns while playing with Lamar Jackson, poses a formidable challenge alongside the Ravens’ strong 9-3 record in the AFC.

Sean McVay, also dealing with the emotions of strategizing against Beckham, remains in touch with the former Ram. “Yeah, I keep in touch. I love Odell. He means a lot to me,” McVay expressed on Wednesday. “He was a blessing to coach, and he’s an enjoyable person. He’s immensely talented, works hard, and is a great teammate.”

Recalling Beckham’s impact on the Rams in 2021, McVay praised how his personality boosted the team’s morale. “He elevated our program in many ways and was significant to our team. And because I value him as a person, I always support him… except for this week,” McVay said.

Despite cherishing past memories involving Beckham, McVay is focused on creating new ones this time around. “I have numerous fond memories, like the significant plays he made in 2021 on a fourth-down catch and the game-winning touchdown. However, he’s on the opposing team this week, so our support for him will resume afterward,” McVay concluded.

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