Latest: Charlton boss provides update on strikers injury return date

Charlton manager Michael Appleton is exercising caution regarding Miles Leaburn’s return to play and isn’t including the striker’s potential comeback in his plans for the ongoing season.

Leaburn, aged 20, recently underwent successful hamstring surgery, following an announcement last Saturday indicating that he would be sidelined for approximately five months. This unfortunate development occurred during Charlton’s 2-1 victory against Cheltenham, forcing Leaburn off the pitch during the first half.


Leaburn nominated for EFL Player of the Year | Charlton Athletic Football Club


Despite Leaburn’s notable 10 goal contributions in 18 games this season, there’s a recognition that his return won’t be a part of Charlton’s immediate plans. Additionally, the young striker had garnered interest from clubs like Chelsea and Brentford leading up to the upcoming January transfer window.

Expressing concern for Leaburn’s setback, Appleton emphasized the potential for personal growth and maturity stemming from this experience, even though Leaburn might not perceive it in that light at present.

“During this period, the discipline and patience required due to his injury will contribute positively to his future career. I prefer taking a cautious approach in his recovery.

“While the expected timeframe for his recovery is around five months due to the nature of muscular injuries, such cases can be unpredictable. Some injuries have a more defined timeline, especially with breaks or ligament tears, but every individual’s healing process varies. Miles, being physically robust for his age, may influence this timeline.

“Although I anticipate a five-month recovery, any improvement would be welcome. However, I’m not counting on seeing Miles play before the season ends. If he manages to return at any point, it would be an unexpected bonus rather than an expectation.

“Personally, if Miles is fit for the start of the next pre-season, I’ll consider it a positive outcome. His long-term well-being is the priority, ensuring he’s fully ready for a strong upcoming season and the years ahead.”

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