Sunderland owner has done something amazing ahead of FA Cup clash with Newcastle

Kyril Louis-Dreyfus has recently given a massive £10,000 donation ahead of Sunderland’s FA Cup match against Newcastle United next month.

The owner of the Black Cats was the top donor in The Spirit of 37’s newest fundraising, which aims to construct a full stadium show for the Wear-Tyne derby.

The supporters’ group known as the Spirit of 37 has been actively organizing impressive stadium displays filled with flags and banners. Their most recent display was prominently featured ahead of the match against Middlesbrough in October.


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Known for their grand efforts during Sunderland’s significant matches, the group swiftly launched a GoFundMe page following the FA Cup draw that pitted Sunderland against Newcastle United in the third round on January 6.

Originally aiming to raise £10,000 when the fundraiser was initiated, the goal was promptly exceeded when Kyril Louis-Dreyfus made a generous donation of £10,000 himself. As of the current writing, donations have soared to £13,647, surpassing the initial goal and setting a new target of £20,000.

“Thank you to everyone who’s donated so far,” the Spirit of 37 wrote on X yesterday evening. We’ve contacted with the supplier of the materials used in the displays, and a full stadium will cost roughly £15,000 to build. We realize this is a lot, especially since the club isn’t funding it, but thank you!”

With less than £1500 to raise over the next four weeks, the group is optimistic that they will have gathered enough money to put on the complete display – with special gratitude to Louis-Dreyfus.

Sunderland are in good hands

While £10,000 isn’t much out of Kyril Louis-Dreyfus’ pocket, it’s still an incredible gesture for the team.

The 25-year-old has invested a lot of time and money into the team since joining in 2021, but his recent donation shows that he appreciates how important this game versus Newcastle is to us fans.

While the stadium display has no bearing on the outcome of the game – as we saw with the Middlesbrough defeat – it will undoubtedly bring a great atmosphere to the Stadium of Light that we haven’t seen since the last derby almost eight years ago.

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