Max Verstappen aims dig at Lewis Hamilton with admission on Brad Pitt F1 movie

The film ‘Apex’, featuring Brad Pitt and Damson Idris in a fictional Formula 1 setting and co-produced by Lewis Hamilton, seems to have generated excitement within the motorsport community. However, Max Verstappen, a prominent Formula 1 driver, has openly expressed his lack of interest in the upcoming movie.

Despite Brad Pitt’s presence at the British Grand Prix while filming scenes for ‘Apex’ and the involvement of notable figures like Lewis Hamilton and director Joe Kosinski, Verstappen remains disinterested in watching a film centered around Formula 1.


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Verstappen, known for his candid nature, has indicated that the idea of a movie based on his sport doesn’t captivate him. Despite the star-studded cast and the anticipation surrounding the film’s release on Apple TV+, Verstappen’s personal preference leans away from engaging with a movie about Formula 1, even with the involvement of renowned personalities.

Max Verstappen’s viewpoint on the Formula 1 film ‘Apex’ remains consistent, reiterating to that despite being shown clips from the movie during a drivers’ meeting before the US Grand Prix in Austin, his interest level remains low. He mentioned that while it was nice to see how the filming was executed, he personally doesn’t find a movie based on his own sport particularly engaging. Verstappen pointed out that such films usually exaggerate and over-dramatize aspects, which isn’t something he particularly resonates with.

Regarding the filming process, there was a pause during the summer due to the Hollywood strikes. However, following their conclusion in November, Lewis Hamilton provided an update on the status of the ‘Apex’ project. He mentioned plans to spend time in December with Joe Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to go over the script, indicating that the delays caused by the strikes had resulted in an increased budget for the film.

The update provided by Lewis Hamilton indicates that filming for ‘Apex’ will resume next year, with Brad Pitt and Damson Idris returning to prepare for their roles. The film’s production faced a pause due to the Hollywood strikes, resulting in adjustments to the schedule and an increased budget. Despite these challenges, Hamilton expressed confidence in producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s ability to deliver a great outcome.

In contrast to Max Verstappen’s disinterest, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc holds a positive view of the film, emphasizing its potential to bring Formula 1 to a broader audience. Leclerc believes that ‘Apex’ could serve as a means to engage people who might not typically follow or be interested in the sport, providing them with a more accessible and engaging perspective on Formula 1. He doesn’t perceive the film as adding pressure to the drivers, as they are accustomed to cameras and media coverage as part of their profession. Leclerc views the movie as an opportunity to showcase Formula 1 in a more captivating light to a wider audience.

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