”I think we’ve got guys who think they’re playing well” Devon Toews brutally criticized his teammates after losing to Chicago

The Colorado Avalanche’s season in 2023-2024 isn’t poor. With 40 points, the Denver team is tied for first place in its division with the Dallas Stars.

But does that imply that everything is perfect in the finest of all possible worlds? No, not always.
With the exception of the Blues (who recently changed coaches due to their terrible performance) and the weak Blackhawks, the Avalanche have the worst record in the Central over the last ten games.

And, obviously, it’s not what the boys were anticipating in the locker room.

Why am I saying this? Because, based on what Devon Toews said following yesterday’s game, the mood in Denver isn’t exactly upbeat.


”I think we’ve got guys who think they’re playing well, and I think they’re lying to themselves at this point. – Devon Toews”

The defenseman made these remarks following his team’s loss to the Chicago Blackhawks last night. The Avalanche were defeated 3-2 by one of the league’s poorest clubs.

As a result, the defenseman stated that the players must know how to play when wearing the Colorado Avalanche colors.

In recent hours, the man who says “it’s hard to play in this league when you don’t know where your teammates are going to be” has become the talk of the town. Of course.

Some saw his statements as leadership, but others saw it as a response to Mike Cammalleri’s remark that the Habs have a loser’s mindset. The spectrum is broad.

Of course, the Canadiens of 2023 can consider themselves fortunate in that they are unlikely to have such serious issues in the locker room. Let’s say it’s difficult to picture David Savard uttering such remarks.

But don’t forget that Joe Sakic isn’t scared to bring up the P-word or the Stanley Cup… #ExpectationsManagement

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