Avalanche broadcaster makes hilarious reference to viral spit cup video

Mark Rycroft made light of the viral footage of him drinking from his broadcast partner’s spit cup during a goal call.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced featuring Colorado Avalanche broadcasters Marc Moser and Mark Rycroft, capturing a moment from an earlier part of the season that quickly gained widespread attention. In an unfortunate incident for Rycroft, while reaching for a drink of water, he accidentally picked up Moser’s spit cup, leading to a hilariously disgusting outcome. It likely stands out as one of the most unpleasant occurrences to ever take place in a broadcast booth, an experience few would wish to encounter. It’s safe to say Starbucks won’t be introducing a chewed tobacco frappuccino to their holiday menu anytime soon.

Despite the cringe-worthy incident, the hockey community found humor in the video, and remarkably, Rycroft integrated it into Saturday night’s telecast during the game against the Coyotes. This humorous twist occurred after a superb pass from Nathan Mackinnon, resulting in Valeri Nichushkin firing a remarkable one-timer into the top shelf.

Rycroft’s call was brilliant.

“Look at that backhand pass by Nathan Mackinnon, and that had zip on it, right on the tape of Val and Nichushkin catches all of that shot. And he puts that one top shelf where dad hides the spitter cup,” Rycroft said.

“You’ve been sitting on that one, haven’t you,” his broadcast partner responded.

It’s terrific for Rycroft that he can laugh about it and even utilize it in a very pertinent and applicable call of the Avalanche scoring a fantastic goal. If it were 95% of the rest of us, we’d probably try whatever to suppress that memory and carry around a travel-sized mouthwash container for the rest of our lives.

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