76ers Now In talk to sign Top veteran defensive specialist as sneaky midseason signing

The Philadelphia 76ers, currently boasting a 19-8 record and sitting near the top of the league, are being suggested to consider a potential midseason signing to strengthen their defense. Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley has highlighted David Nwaba as a potential candidate for the 76ers. Nwaba, a six-year veteran who last played for the Houston Rockets in the 2021-22 season, is noted for his defensive prowess.

At 30 years old and with offensive limitations, Nwaba’s market value may not be high. However, the suggestion is that a championship-contending team like the 76ers could see value in his hustle and defensive skills as a valuable asset at the back end of the roster. The 76ers currently own the second-best defensive rating in the league but have been exploring options to further bolster their defense.


Nwaba is acknowledged for his defensive abilities, despite his limited offensive contribution. While he has a career three-point shooting percentage of 32%, he has carved a niche for himself as a pesky defender capable of guarding multiple positions on the defensive end, even against larger forwards. Known for his physicality, sharp defensive instincts, and overall intangibles, Nwaba could potentially serve as a valuable depth piece for the 76ers.

However, the report suggests that the decision to sign Nwaba would depend on the 76ers’ evaluation of available options and their specific needs. While Nwaba brings defensive strengths, the team already has defensive contributors off the bench in the form of Patrick Beverley and Jaden Springer, who may command more minutes. Additionally, the report notes that considering more versatile options or potentially reuniting with a proven player like Danny Green could be more viable for the 76ers unless they face challenges in finding a suitable depth piece.

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