LA Rams to Make a Change of Kicker Against Gaints

The Los Angeles Rams are currently in the midst of a playoff push, with the special teams unit, particularly the kicking position, being a point of concern. The team started the season with Brett Maher and later switched to Lucas Havrisik. The effectiveness of Havrisik compared to Maher is uncertain, and there is a question about whether the Rams should consider making a change at this late stage in the season.

The writer seeks input from readers on whether the Rams should bring in competition for Havrisik and whether the team can proceed with him as the kicker. Rams coach Sean McVay, however, stated that they are not currently interested in making a change. The article also provides information on the team’s playoff chances, recent performance, and upcoming games against the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

Additionally, the piece highlights two players, Darius Muasau (LB, UCLA) and George Holani (RB, Boise State), who delivered notable performances. McVay attributes the kicking issues, in part, to the absence of long snapper Alex Ward, who is on injured reserve. McVay emphasizes the importance of the entire kicking operation, including snap, hold, and kick, and acknowledges that blaming the kicker alone is oversimplifying the situation.

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