Eddie Howe responds to Newcastle United pressure and fires warning to any underperforming stars

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has made it clear that he won’t shy away from addressing the underperformance of his players. Howe admitted to experiencing a range of emotions following a disastrous December that has intensified the pressure on him at the helm of the Magpies. The team’s woes included a surprising 3-1 defeat to Nottingham Forest, contributing to a bleak month marked by exits from two cup competitions and losses against Luton, Everton, Tottenham, AC Milan, and Chelsea.

At the end of the match against Nottingham Forest, some home supporters expressed their dissatisfaction through scattered boos, reflecting a disappointing display by the team, particularly in defense. Looking ahead, Howe recognizes that upcoming fixtures against Liverpool, Sunderland, Manchester City, and Aston Villa in January pose considerable challenges. Despite the tough schedule on paper, Howe may find solace in the prospect of some much-needed downtime after a strenuous period of fixtures.


Eddie Howe now confirms that 27-year-old Newcastle man is 'not far away'  from injury


“Whenever you lose games it is an uncomfortable feeling when your team is not at its peak,” he told reporters. “Concerned? You deal with a lot of emotions when you don’t get the result you want. I am feeling that.

“We were not quite at our best and when you are not you get punished. There was a lot of good first half but the last action or pass was missing and that was frustrating. We wanted to make it 2-0 and in a commanding position. It has been an intense period.”

Newcastle took the lead through Alexander Isak’s penalty and dominated the first half. Chris Wood, on the other hand, scored on the stroke of half-time and added two more in short succession after the break to add to Newcastle’s woes.

The home side were all over the place at the back, with Kieran Trippier making no apologies for his own and his teammates’ performances. In terms of getting Newcastle back on track, Howe believes the ‘solution lies within’.

The Newcastle manager emphasized that no player is immune to being dropped from the squad, regardless of their past contributions or reputation.

He pointed out deficiencies in decision-making, positioning, and technical aspects during recent games, attributing the team’s struggles to not effectively handling key moments rather than major tactical flaws. Howe expressed his readiness to implement any changes that could enhance the team’s performance or results. He emphasized that players are responsible for their contributions on the field, emphasizing the importance of consistently earning their place in the team.

According to Howe, no player’s previous achievements or reputation will guarantee their spot in the lineup; every individual must prove themselves continually. He stressed the need for an immediate improvement in the team’s short-term form. Howe also highlighted the significance of sufficient training ground sessions, stating that the team has suffered due to a lack of adequate training time. Additionally, he acknowledged that the inability to rotate the squad has become a challenge that has affected their performances.

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