Breaking News: Arizona Cardinals Trade For Buffalo Bills Star in “Shocking” Trade Proposal That Also Has Them Drafting Elite Pass Catcher For 2024

The Arizona Cardinals had a clear vision for the 2023 season aimed at rebuilding and establishing a new foundation under the leadership of their new head coach, Jonathan Gannon.

Heading into the NFL Draft in April, the Cardinals will possess two valuable picks, yet they face the challenge of addressing numerous deficiencies on both offense and defense. Concluding the 2023 season against the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks, while there’s a possibility of winning either or both games, the team’s recent performances suggest it’s highly improbable.

Their 27-16 loss to the Bears over the weekend showcased the Cardinals’ current standing in terms of talent, painting an unflattering picture. The team’s collective display was lackluster and unimpressive. Unlike some of their recent showings, Week 16 did little to instill pride or offer hope for the team’s future.

The Bears, holding a 6-9 record, aren’t considered among the NFL’s top-tier teams, yet they asserted dominance in controlling possession time (34:32) and amassed 420 total offensive yards during the game. They converted 8-of-15 third-down attempts and maintained an average of 6.3 yards per play.

Regarding the Cardinals’ offense, despite its need for improvement, there are encouraging aspects to highlight. Firstly, Kyler Murray, the dynamic quarterback, has been gradually regaining his form since his return on Nov. 12 following a significant ACL injury. While displaying moments of brilliance, he has also faced struggles as he adapts to a new offensive system and seeks confidence in the complete recovery of his knee.

Despite previous reports suggesting friction between Murray and the organization, he remains unequivocally their franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future.

However, while the Cardinals possess the 24th-ranked offense in the NFL, they’ve notably excelled in the ground game, averaging 129.4 rushing yards per game, ranking 9th in the league.


Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs channels his inner villain with custom  'Joker' cleats | CNN

Trade Proposal For Stefon Diggs Would Drastically Help Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray has consistently showcased his best performances when supported by a dynamic primary threat at wide receiver.

Before the 2023 season commenced, the Arizona Cardinals made the decision to part ways with star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. During their time together, Hopkins and Murray developed a strong chemistry, resulting in success on the field. Hopkins contributed significantly across 35 regular-season games during his three-year tenure with Arizona, accumulating 221 receptions for 2,696 yards and 17 touchdown catches. His performance earned him a Pro Bowl selection while playing for the NFC West side.

This season, the Cardinals have been missing a genuine No. 1 wide receiver. Marquise Brown attempted to fill the void left by Hopkins but hasn’t managed to surpass 100 receiving yards in a single game this season and has been sidelined due to injury since the matchup against the Steelers on Dec. 3.

According to Bleacher Report, there’s speculation about potential offseason moves that could significantly impact the NFL landscape. They proposed a scenario where the Arizona Cardinals acquire Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefan Diggs through a trade. Additionally, Bleacher Report predicts that the Cardinals will use their top-three pick to select Ohio State wideout Marvin Harrison Jr. If this were to materialize, it would create one of the most formidable wide receiver duos in the entire NFL.

Here’s what they propose:

Bills Receive: 2024 first-round pick (via Houston), 2025 third-round pick

Cardinals Receive: WR Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs has been a prominent figure in trade speculation since last offseason and recently featured on ESPN’s list of trade-focused players. He’s known for expressing frustration openly, having addressed his relationship with the team on multiple occasions.

According to Dan Graziano, the trajectory of the Buffalo Bills’ season’s conclusion might reignite trade rumors surrounding Diggs.

Despite his recent production contributing to Bills victories, Diggs has seen a decline in yardage, registering under 50 yards in four of the last five games, contrasting his performance in the team’s initial nine contests.

Should tensions truly escalate, the Arizona Cardinals could emerge as an intriguing suitor. With two first-round picks at their disposal (one obtained from Houston last year), they could leverage their own pick while potentially dealing the one from Houston.

However, the Texans’ pick is likely to fall in the middle of the draft order, allowing the Bills to maintain a strategy of getting younger while building around Josh Allen in his second contract.

Looking ahead, Jonathan Gannon and the Cardinals should aim to display significant improvement in 2024. While Kyler Murray’s absence this year was a contributing factor to their struggles, Gannon now needs to demonstrate his ability to lead the team successfully. With $56.1 million in projected cap space for 2024, according to Spotrac, bolstering Murray with the likes of Stefon Diggs and Marvin Harrison Jr. immediately positions the Cardinals as one of the league’s most intriguing offenses.

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