Good News: Minnesota Vikings Confirm Welcome Another Top Super Star

“It’s definitely been tough without him being there.”

In regards to quarterback Kirk Cousins, whose contract expires at the end of the season, Justin Jefferson stated on Wednesday that he would “give that extra word” to the Minnesota front staff.

After spending six years in Minnesota, the seasoned quarterback may leave this spring after the cousins agreed to a two-year deal in March 2022.

Jefferson responded, “Yeah, I feel like I really don’t have to voice my opinion that much,” when asked if he would support the Vikings in bringing Cousins back. “All you have to do is examine the play and the data. particularly before to his fall this year. However, I will undoubtedly always spare a few extra words for Kirk-O.”

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson makes a pitch for Kirk Cousins' future in  Minnesota - Newsday

Since the team and the 35-year-old couldn’t agree on another agreement during the offseason, speculation regarding Cousins’ future in Minnesota has grown. After suffering a season-ending Achilles tear in Week 8, Cousins’ age and injury history have led many outsiders to predict that he would leave.

The recent performance of the QB rotation the Vikings have used while Cousins has been out of the lineup has worked in his favor. The week after his injury, Jaren Hall was given the initial start; however, a concussion forced him to leave the game early.

Vikings star receiver Justin Jefferson is always open. Even when he's not.

After being acquired at the trade deadline, Josh Dobbs was forced to come in and lead an offense he had only spent the last three days mastering. As for Dobbs, he ran for 66 yards and a touchdown in addition to completing 20 of 30 passes for 158 yards and two touchdowns in a 31-28 victory over Atlanta. In a 27-19 victory over the Saints, Dobbs backed that up with 268 pass yards and a touchdown in addition to 44 rushing yards and a touchdown.

The next three games saw Dobbs lose his form, throwing just two touchdowns to five interceptions, which led to his benching against the Raiders. Nick Mullens took Dobbs’ position and directed the game’s lone touchdown drive as Minnesota won 3-0.

It is now unclear who will lead the Vikings offense in the next two weeks of the season after Mullens went on to throw four touchdowns to six interceptions in his two starts.

Even with Cousins’ advanced age and catastrophic injury, it’s understandable that fans at TCO Performance Center would be itching for his return after all that upheaval and the faltering offense.

Justin Jefferson supports idea of Vikings re-signing Kirk Cousins - Sports  Illustrated Minnesota Sports, News, Analysis, and More

Jefferson responded, “I feel like I’m always voicing my opinion on Kirk,” when asked if he would stand up for the Cousins. “I’m the one who always gives him credit, no matter how much people try to minimize him and refuse to give him credit. For myself and this team, I’m always grateful and accepting of the person he was. Simply by playing that role, leading that team, managing the action, directing the ball’s path, and producing outstanding throws. I believe that right now, the rest of the world is well aware of that.

“I am always grateful to Kirk. People are not privy to what occurs within the building. They are blind to the ongoing linkages and relationships. Kirk and I get along really well. It’s fantastic having him around even when he’s not throwing the ball. He is the leader that he is, and he is himself. It’s undoubtedly been difficult without him. His insight that there is undoubtedly a missing component, his leadership, and his understanding of the game.”

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