Rams’ star misses practice ahead of Week 17 game

The Los Angeles Rams, led by Sean McVay, are in dire need of a late-season surge to secure a playoff berth. Matthew Stafford’s exceptional performance this season has been significantly supported by the talented weapons within the Rams’ system. Their upcoming game against the New York Giants holds the fate of their season, with the potential to clinch a postseason spot. However, concerns arise regarding the status of Puka Nacua, which has sparked worries among many fans.


Puka Nacua - Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver - ESPN


Nacua was unable to participate in the Rams’ preparations leading up to the crucial Giants matchup, missing practice sessions with the offense coached by Sean McVay and led by Matthew Stafford. Despite this setback, an intriguing update emerged for fans: indications suggest that Nacua will still take the field for the team despite nursing a hip injury, as reported by Josh Alper of NBC Sports. McVay explained that Nacua’s absence from practice was primarily a precautionary measure. It is anticipated that Nacua will be available to contribute significantly by making impactful plays and running routes when facing the Giants.

This development stands as significant news for a team striving to secure a playoff position. Nacua played a pivotal role in the Rams’ recent victory over the New Orleans Saints, showcasing his versatility in both receiving and rushing. In that game, he recorded two carries with an average gain of eight yards, along with nine receptions, a touchdown, and an impressive 164 receiving yards, contributing significantly to the Rams’ success. The question now lingers: Can Nacua replicate or even surpass his previous performance, providing the necessary firepower for the Rams in this crucial matchup?

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