Latest News: Falcons Confirm Reasons And Names Of Some Key Players He Benched

The Falcons missed a chance, like they have done for a large portion of 2023. Although they are still in contention for the division title, there aren’t many grounds to think this club should be in the postseason after their 37-17 loss to the Chicago Bears.

Although there were a few standout individual performances—which I’ll discuss shortly—the Falcons’ offense, defense, and special teams still don’t communicate well with one another. Atlanta hasn’t played nearly enough winning football in all three phases this season, which is necessary for a team to make it to the postseason.


Undoubtedly, this has been an unusual year. Furthermore, it’s doubtful that significant conclusions that could resolve the issue entirely will be reached in Week 18. There are some obvious holes in addition to the pieces that are not in place. More significantly, though, this team’s entire mood still feels odd, and the offseason should be centered toward fixing that. Discover your personality.

Let’s examine a few highlights and lowlights from the Falcons’ 2023 season finale.Allgeier’s season-long touchdown reception of 75 yards was the longest play for Atlanta, and it served as just another example of the excellent young player that he is. Despite their first year together, the Falcons have had difficulty finding the ideal balance for Allgeier and Robinson, despite the latter’s obvious talent. This season, Allgeier has amassed 842 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns.

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