Mike Vrabel confirm He may leave Tennessee Titans this offseason and reveals reason why he wants to leave

NFL insider reveals why Mike Vrabel may leave Tennessee Titans this offseason.

Mike Vrabel is well-known to NFL fans these days, whether as a player with the New England Patriots or, more recently, as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Vrabel has taken the Titans to the playoffs three times in the last six seasons. Nonetheless, he has failed to return to the postseason in either of the last two seasons, and Tennessee is on track to finish last in the AFC South.

The Titans changed general managers a year ago, firing Jon Robinson after seven seasons with the franchise. Ran Carthon is now in charge, and there are “real issues” between Vrabel and the rest of the front office, according to NFL source Michael Lombardi.

What’s noteworthy is that Vrabel’s contract ends at the end of the regular season, and there’s a sense that Tennessee wants him back in 2024, but is that mutual?

“They really have some real issues. And the issues are: How good are they in the front office? And is Carthon and Vrabel going to be able to co-exist together? I think that’s gotta be something that’s talked about. I know Vrabel’s contract’s up. They wanna keep Vrabel, but I think Vrabel’s not happy with the setup that he has.”

Vrabel is already one of the highest-paid head coaches in the NFL, but if there is a divide in the front office, it’s possible he’s looking for more power or a higher compensation to stay under new leadership. Perhaps he’s considering a return to New England if the Patriots part ways with Bill Belichick. One thing is certain: if Vrabel became available, he would be inundated by suitors.

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