Report: Just In “No Remorse!” Sirianni Responds to Coach Move’s Criticism

Nothing about the question is incorrect. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with the response considering the situation. So when head coach Nick Sirianni revealed on Monday that the Eagles will persist with the recently devised strategy of using Matt Patricia as their de facto play-caller and defensive coordinator for the remainder of the season while the (relatively) inactive Sean Desai watches on? Eagles supporters continue to be unsatisfied with the response when they ask why Philly’s defense is locked in “struggle mode” despite Sirianni’s changes to the staff, regardless of whether detractors call it a brave or fearful move. “I always consider the team and what’s best for them first in everything I do and decide,” Sirianni declared. “I tried to do what was best for the squad when I made the alterations a few weeks ago. That’s still what I think.

No Regrets!'? Sirianni Reacts to Criticism of Coach Move

That is also what we think. However, given that the Eagles are still giving up 25.1 points per game, which is the fourth most in the NFL, and their recent humiliation against the Cardinals—in which the defense gave up 35 points, 449 total yards, 221 rushing yards, and 32 first downs—it isn’t clear that the adjustment was successful. Of course. Sirianni stated that Patricia, the defensive assistant, will keep calling defensive plays as there isn’t much else they can do. Should Desai be re-endorsed? There may be one more unsettling aspect of this whole situation, and that is the coaches’ resumes. And it came out in response to the question of whether Sirianni regretted making the adjustment. Not at all. I don’t, Sirianni said. “I have faith in the players that represent our team.” I have faith in the defensive coaches that we have. Yes, but it’s clear that he didn’t “believe” in Desai. And right now? Why should I think Patricia is real?

Similar: The Hot Seat? Eagles’ Finish Line Slump Could Cause Problems for Thirteen games were coordinated by Sirianni Desai. Under his leadership, the Eagles gave up 24.7 points per game. “Big move” that Patricia made? In actuality, the Eagles’ situation is worse because they give up 26.7 points a game. What does Sirianni really have on his hands in terms of his staff, ultimately, short of a 180 from this 11-5 Eagles club, which is probably headed for a Wild Card start to the playoffs (sure, Philly is “miserable,” but it is also talented enough to win in the postseason)? There are two lame-duck defensive coordinators on the team, which may be a first in NFL history. Even though we may see why Sirianni is unable to say differently, “no regrets” is a false statement. Or it had better be, anyway.


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