Breaking News: Just In A Key Member Sacked For Committing A Horrible Mistake

It’s time to take stock for the 18 teams destined to miss the playoffs in 2023, and it could be the end of the road for a handful of struggling coaches. At this point we know the guys who are already gone: Frank Reich in Carolina, Josh

in Las Vegas, and Brandon Staley in Los Angeles — but who else could be searching for a new job come spring?

Today we dive in and take stock of where teams stand with their respective coaches, and whether we could actually see a change after the regular season.



Rivera was granted a year to demonstrate his ability to work with the new ownership in Washington, but this season has been a complete bust. The squad’s early devotion to Jack Del Rio left them in a severe defensive hole. Even though Eric Bieniemy gave them some offensive life, the team disintegrated down the stretch, going 1-9 in their final 10 games.

One of the nicest individuals in the NFL, without a doubt, is Rivera, which has always been a blessing and a curse. Success was frequently sacrificed in order to keep his word to his players and coaching staff, a trait that accompanied Rivera from Carolina to Washington.

Rivera’s career may very well continue as a defensive coordinator, but the Commanders will search for a youthful, energetic coach who can guide them into a new phase of their history.

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